May 21, 2011

Review - Power Rangers Samurai Episode 10 "Jayden's Challenge" and Episode 11 "Unexpected Arrival"

 The first series two-parter conclusion, "Jayden's Challenge", after the opening credits, starts off with Spike dreaming about Mia, a likely shout-out to Skull having a thing for Kimberly back in the day. It's probably the most ridiculous character dream in Power Rangers history, save for when Bulk and Skull dreamed they were rangers and had to pilot the Megazord ("BURGERSAURUS!" "DOGASAURUS!"). That dream, of course, was because of Goldar's spell in that episode.

 Several have wondered why Bulk and Spike haven't crossed paths with the rangers all that much. The main reason is that Bulk, long out of high school, doesn't see the rangers on a regular basis, as they're in samurai training and presumably older than high school age.

 On the Battle Wing Megazord, the mecha additions now make the megazord look like it has breasts. I know this probably wasn't the Sentai people's intention, and the Battle Wing's appendages had to fit somewhere, but still, it's rather strange to look at.

 "Unexpected Arrival" marks the debut of Antonio, the Gold Ranger. His inital battle with Nighlok-of-the-Week, Vulpes, and his Moogers mirrors Rito Revolto's first appearance, as he pretty much singlehandedly beats them pre-growth, and Rito singlehandedly destroyed the Thunderzords. I should mention that Antonio's Octozord looks a lot closer to a squid than an octopus, but I'll let that slide. The Gold Ranger's gold-and-black Mega Mode reminds me a lot of the Gold Ranger from Zeo, interesting since Antonio's regular ranger mode is gold and blue.

 Vulpes' powers include mirror attacks and invisibility, and the mirror abilities make me wonder whether the rangers' powers are strong enough to destroy them, as Vulpes reflects their powers and injures them enough to at least de-morph them. Checking Wikipedia, I found that he's voiced by Ari Boyland, who played Flynn on Power Rangers RPM.

 The flashback near the end with Jayden and Antonio was about average for me, though I'm glad the child actor for Antonio's younger self didn't speak with a noticeable accent, since Jayden's was pretty thick.

 All in all, a fitting, if not decent, introduction for the series' sixth ranger.


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