April 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carol Burnett!

The originator of Eunice Higgins, Stella Toddler, Nora Desmond, and Rhoda Dimple turns 78 today.

 I'm a bit sheepish to say I only recently discovered The Carol Burnett Show on YouTube. I quickly made up for lost time, though. As great as the comedic skits are, it's the seriocomedic skits that are truly brilliant. The most famous recurring sketch, "The Family" and the Eunice special come all the way back around to the tragedy of Eunice's life, as she's forever stuck the cycle of her dead-end life, and because of her family, is a resentfully bitter woman through and through. And that's the short version of it! Eunice especially runs the mood straight into a heartbreaking denouement that reminds us that despite the events that have happened, nothing has really changed in Eunice.

 For now, though, here's a video of a seriocomedy number from The Carol Burnett Show, with Carol singing "Send in the Clowns". Happy Birthday, Carol. We salute you!


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