February 21, 2011

Stats, Stat!

 I'm not going over my lines lol. I'm presenting the statistics of this very blog. 

 In the nearly year-and-a-half since I started this blog in the last truly summer days of 2009, I've found many surprises in the statistics of who visits, who comments, from where, and about what.

 Where are my visitors from? As of this posting, I've had over 3,000 visitors from the U.S., my near-second home, over 700 from my native Canada, nearly 400 from the U.K., over 200 each from Indonesia and Brazil, around 170 each from Germany and Russia, 145 from France, and nearly 110 each from Poland and Italy. I've also had many visitors from Spain, the Phillippines, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal, Slovenia, and Singapore.

 Most of the referring URLS for my visitors are from Google, though quite a few come from my comments on Rangerboard, and some have clicked from Henshin Grid.

 Popular posts include the Columbo season reviews, Trademarks of Giallo Cinema, and my post on consumer product differences between Canada and the U.S.. But the most viewed post of all time on Straight From Chynna's Head is (drum machine roll)...

 I am immensely proud of this post. I spent many, many hours crafting a comprehensive comparison between the two very different series for those new to either can understand. Nailing down the main differences but being fair (hopefully) to both sides, this is probably the longest post I ever published. A couple have said that this comparison wasn't top to bottom, but that wasn't my intention anyway. The fact that the villain and fight footage taken from a very dark and serious show (save for "The Bandora Song", of course) was used for a light-hearted-but-still-awesome show is itself pretty amazing, since it all (and then some) worked out in the end. To this day this post still usually gets the most visits per month via Rangerboard.

 The best thing about the Zyuranger footage in MMPR is the late, great Machiko Soga as Bandora/Rita. Both voices are great, Soga's own voice being a dark take on the "grandmotherly" voice that works wonderfully with the character, and Barbara Goodson's putting the epicness into "Make my monster grow!", along with spawning the numerous jokes associated with the line. Just watching the Bandora footage with the sound off will give you an idea of how expressive Machiko Soga's face is. Ironically, Soga would overdub Goodson's voice when voicing Rita for the Japanese dub of MMPR. That's right, folks, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was dubbed back into Japanese with the American characters of Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, Kimberly, Tommy, and even Bulk and Skull. From the Japanese perspective, though, it makes sense, considering Zyuranger was just another Sentai in Japan and not the smash hit MMPR was in America. Here is a snippet of the Japanese dub of the "Green with Evil" saga:

Thanks to Necroc for uploading this video.

And here's the pilot, "Day of the Dumpster" dubbed in Japanese as well. Enjoy!


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