February 21, 2011

Review - Power Rangers Samurai Episode 3 "Day Off"

 "Day Off" and its lesson of the day is something I take great joy in. Firstly, the setting at the amusement park is a shout out to the MMPR episode "No Clowning Around". That, and Bulk and Spike pigging out on their cotton candy (the original is in MMPR's first opening sequence!). I have said before that Spike doesn't seem to be a carbon copy of Skull. The scene with the Whack-a-Mole-like contraption sees Spike fly off the handle in trying to win the game. Skull, on the other hand, pretty much said what Bulk said and laughed all the time until the second season of MMPR, when Bulk and Skull, in an ongoing arc, try to discover the identities of the Power Rangers.

 The lesson of balance in life can very well resonate with myself. Being a workaholic who relaxes for a long time after long periods of work, I can pretty often find myself burnt out after a particularly long period of work. Like several Red Rangers before him, Jayden runs himself ragged trying to master a new power-up or weapon. With Jayden, however, his new beetle disc is the ultimate multitasker: a Cannon
Blast mode for his Fire Smasher, a new Beetle Zord, and therefore the Beetle megazord attachment to make the Beetle Zord. People have accused newer Sentai of mecha overload, but this case is quite a cutdown so far compared to numerous animal crystals of Wild Force, as well as the Power Spheres of Ninja Storm.

 Many fellow bloggers have commented that Samurai has followed Shinkenger very closely, though when we look at Wild Force staying close to the source material, there's such a thing as too close. Some of Power Rangers' most beloved seasons were those who created a whole new backstory and events than the original Sentai (Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and even MMPR). Other greatly loved seasons, like Time Force, followed the basic story not too closely, and made changes that would befit American audiences (like letting Eric live even though his Timeranger counterpart Naoto was killed). Since Shinkenger was basically regarded as a more serious season in recent years, it'll be interesting to see what Power Rangers will do with the source material, especially considering how dark they went for RPM in taking the footage from one of the sillier Sentai series in years, Engine Sentai Go-Onger.

 With "Day Off", we see the series get in the groove of things, following the basic formula of any Power Rangers episode, and introduce a lesson never before brought up in the series.


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