February 19, 2011

Review - Power Rangers Samurai Episode 2 "Deal With a Nighlok"

 Episode 2 of Power Rangers Samurai is a good follow-up to "The Team Unites", this time putting its focus on Mia, the Pink Ranger, and Kevin, the Blue Ranger. The two take it upon themselves to keep the Nighlok of the week, Doubletone, from making a boy named Ryan give up on his baseball dreams. This episode introduces Kevin's dreams of swimming in the Olympics, which are put on hold for him to fight as a Power Ranger. Mia's bad cooking, in keeping with her Shinkenger counterpart Mako, is also introduced here. Mia's chopping of a squash with her Spin Sword doesn't prevent it from tasting awful, either.

 The bad puns present in the previous episode are lower in number here, thankfully. I noticed that the sake used to, in a way, "sedate" the leader of the bad guys was changed to medicine for this episode. Bulk and Spike had more scenes in this episode, and I found it a nice touch when Bulk cheered for Ryan near the end of the episode after Spike got hit on the head with Ryan's home run ball. Ryan's semi-hidden accent doesn't really bother me at all, it adds to the character quite a bit.

 The first half of the episode sees how the team and Mentor Ji are alerted of a Nighlok's presence in the living world, featuring a cool table map that shows where exactly the Nighlok is.

 Overall, this episode advanced the series well despite not yet detailing how the team came together. Happy trails!

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  1. Do you think this series is headed to the right direction in entertaining kids and adolescents who grew up with The Power Rangers Series?