November 11, 2010

Toku Spotlight: Hikari no Senshi Daiyamondo Ai

Hikari no Senshi Daiyamondo Ai, or Diamond Eye, Warrior of Light, was a tokusatsu series that aired from October 5, 1973 to March 29, 1974 for 26 episodes.

 Magazine journalist Kotaru Rai is captured by a group of jewel thieves he was trailing, led by Gen Kai Ryuu. Kotaru is saved by a spirit called Diamond Eye that emerges from the stolen "King of Arabia" blue diamond and frees him.  Diamond Eye chases the gangsters, and a shot of the "inner soul illumination beams" from his eyes reveals that the men are really the Zensei Majin, a group of evil ancient beasts, and that Gen Kai Ryuu is actually their leader, King Cobra. Although Diamond Eye kills some of the weaker Majin, King Cobra escapes through a dimensional portal.

 Diamond Eye gives Kotaru the Eye Ring (where Diamond Eye lives), which Kotaru can summon him by exposing it to light while chanting "Ai yo!". Diamond Eye can hurl diamond grenades, inflict the "royal punch", and has the power to heal wounds and purge evil spirits from human bodies.

 Kotaru is helped by his friends, Goro, a photographer, and Kaboko, a woman who can use playing cards as weapons. Kotaru's constant battling of the Zensei Majin often frustrates his boss at the Weekly Japan, editor-in-chief Hayakawa. Kotaru is nicknamed Raiko by his friends and some of his enemies, and only Diamond Eye and King Cobra call him by his real name.

 Again, I haven't found any video of the theme.


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