November 11, 2010

Toku Spotlight: Denjin Zaboga

Denjin Zaboga, or Electroid Zaboga, was a tokusatsu series that aired from April 6, 1974 to June 29, 1975 for 52 episodes.

 Yutaka Daimon is a Secret Police agent who at age six was killed in a car accident. A special pacemaker-like circuit was implanted into his chest that keeps him alive if he's badly wounded. The device was created by his father, who also created Denjin Zaboga. Zaboga is powered by Yutaka's anger, as its power is synchronized with the circuit in his chest. When his father is murdered, Yutaka discovers the existence of Zaboga, and he swears revenge against the man who killed his father, Dr. Akunomiya. Akunomiya murdered his former partner to get the newly-invented metal daimonium, which he plans to use to create robots and cyborgs to carry out a crime spree.

 Yutaka uses a microphone in his helmet to control Zaboga, as well as a second microphone in his watch of he's not wearing the helmet. Through a radio receiver on his glasses, he can hear messages alerting him if a monster is around.

 Zaboga has a wide variety of attacks and techniques, such as his "Boomerang Cutter", when he throws his metal ears like blades and they return to him after inflicting damage. His mouth is capable of firing exploding shells, his head can release a small helicopter with a video camera, his eyes can take photograph stills, his back can release a miniature jet that can operate underwater, and the car halves inside his feet can be put together to form the Mouse Car. Zaboga can also transform into the motorcycle Machine Zaboga for Yutaka to ride.

 Although Dr. Akunomiya is eventually defeated, the Dinosaur Army soon arrives to terrorize Japan. This arc ran from episode 40 until the end of the series.

 Here's the theme song:


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