October 31, 2010

Toku Spotlight: Akumaizer 3

Akumaizer 3 was a tokusausu series airing from October 7, 1975 to June 29, 1976 for 38 episodes.

 The Akuma Zoku (Demon Clan), a magical cyborg race living deep within the earth, plans to invade the surface world. One of these clan members, Zabitan, a half-human half-demon, deserts the clan to defend the humans. The two demons sent after him, Evil and Gabura, decide to instead join him in his mission.

 Zabitan (the black and red demon) has many powers and abilities, including making himself invisible. He's armed with "Zarado", his sword, and his miniature cannons "Zabitan Nova". In many episodes he disguises himself as a human.

 Evil (the yellow demon) is armed with his sword "Erado", which transforms into his "Jo Gun", and he also uses the combat technique of "Evil Finish". He can also transform into an inanimate object. His weakness, however, is the sight of his own relection, which immobilizes him.

 Gabura (the red and blue demon) has a sword called "Garado", which transforms into "Denburu", a spiked ball and chain weapon. He also has the ability to change into an ostrich-like bird.

 Akuma Zoku leader Mega Lord sends relatives and friends of the Akumaizer 3 to fight them as monsters-of-the-week. One of them named Darunia (a mouse-like demon), however, joins them because of her love for Zabitan.

 From the Akuma Zoku, the Akumaizer 3 took the Zeidabeck, a helicopter resembling a whale. Their motorcycles are capable of combining into the Gari Bird.

 The series was followed by a sequel, Choujin Bibyun, which is noticeably different in tone.

 Here's the theme song:


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