October 23, 2010

Before There Was Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, There Was...

Kyoryu Sentai Koseidon

 Kyoryu Sentai Koseidon, or Dinosaur Task Force Koseidon, was a tokusatsu series that aired in 1978 for 52 episodes.

 The plot centers on six people (four guys and two girls) from the year 2001 who travel back in time to rescue scientists studying dinosaurs but end up fighting alien invaders threatening to change history. The six all wear the same red uniform (which is reminiscent of the ranger suits of Power Rangers Turbo). The baddie in the above photo reminds this blogger of the footsoldiers from Himitsu Sentai Goranger (the first Super Sentai). Let me be clear, though, that despite the similarities, this is not an incarnation of Super Sentai.

 The series was also aired in Italy, where it has gotten quite the following.
 Here's the theme song:

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  1. Additionally, this series was made by Tsuburaya Productions, the creators of the Ultra Series!