August 22, 2010

Film Review - "A Fistful of Dollars"

Clint Eastwood stars in A Fistful of Dollars

 A Fistful of Dollars is a surprisingly simple little film about a wanderer who plays two rival families against each other in a town torn by crime and greed.

 Not being much of a western fan in general, I wanted to expand my viewings of Clint Eastwood's filmography. Plus, like the giallo genre of films, Italian filmmakers tend to make their westerns bloodier and more violent. All the more alluring for this blogger.

 Although Sergio Leone's Man with No Name trilogy was the subject of controversy back in its day for its violence, by today's standards it's relatively tame, save for a sword thrown through a member of the Rojo gang.

 Even if you hate the film's violence, you have to give cheers to the film's score by Ennio Morricone. The opening chimes to the film's main theme (which would serve as a bit of a plot point in For a Few Dollars More), followed by the lush guitars and the choir convey the sadness and lawlessness of the film's setting.

 In terms of the non-English speaking actors, the dubbing is better than most of the kung fu movies of the '70s and not a bit distracting at all. In other words, that's a thumbs-up. Not just for the dubbing, but for the film as a whole. And now, for the screen captures!

Silvanto (Jose Calvo) and Joe (Clint Eastwood)

The Baxters

Joe (Clint Eastwood) sticking up for his mule.

Marisol (Marianne Koch)

The Rojos

Joe (Clint Eastwood) encounters a stagecoach.

Joe (Clint Eastwood)

Ramon Rojo (Gian Maria Volonte)

Joe (Clint Eastwood)


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