April 18, 2010

Sunny Weather, Hangman, and Other Stuff

 Recently, the weather has gone from madcap rain-and-wind storms to radiant sunniness in only a couple of weeks. Temperature's also higher, from a high of maybe 7 to a high of 16. Hope this lasts a while.

 Meanwhile, committing to an exercise regimen's a hurdle in and out and of itself. Although I'm working up a sweat, this also comes with sore muscles in the upper body. Ouch!

 At the same time, I'm anxiously waiting for CoverGirl's new LashBlast Fusion mascara to hit the shelves here. This is coupled with the fact that my current mascara, CG's LashBlast Length, is on its last leg and getting drier. Oh, the pressure.

 A tradition my family and I have started whenever we go out to Montana's is to play Hangman on the paper tablecloth using names of fictional sketch-comedy characters (Raj Binder, Marg Delahunty, Buddy Cole etc.), or obscure, lesser-known golden-era actors. Dad manages to stump the crap out of me, though I manage to guess the first part, Steve. The remaining nine blanks enables me to deduce that the name's not Steve McQueen or Steve Forrest. After losing my last chance to guess a letter, the blanks reveal the name Steve Railsback. Of course, being more rational than the Age of Aquarius but not as cynical as Generation X, I 've never heard of him. The first thing that came to mind was obscure, long-dead western actor. But again, I'm wrong. Railsback is very much alive (and only in his sixties), and has been in films such as The Visitors, In the Line of Fire (uncredited), and the mini-series Helter Skelter, playing Charles Manson. Not bad, really.

 When it's my turn, I decide to stump Dad with the name William Hopper, who was, of course, the son of Hedda Hopper, Perry Mason's Paul Drake, and a pot-smoking judge in the film that's probably too bad to be a cult film, Myra Breckinridge. Still, that judge's come a long way from being just a silver-haired P.I.

 After that, I fail to stump Dad with my next hidden name, Susan Clark, but by then, dinner was served.