January 2, 2010

Videos: "Blood and Black Lace" Opening Credits and Trailers

 As I mentioned before, Blood and Black Lace is a 1964 Italian film directed by Mario Bava. It has since been considered a classic in the sub-genre of giallo. My last post related to Blood and Black Lace seemed to scare everyone away (you can see it here).
 Today, I'll introduce you guys to some trailers and two opening credit sequences from the DVD releases of the film. If you're familiar with his film, then you know that in its original U.S. release, the original opening credits were replaced with an animated credits sequence featuring mannequins being riddled with bullets. I couldn't find that sequence on YouTube, but I'll be on the lookout for it.
 Anyway, for the current DVD, VCI inserted the English title onto the original Italian credits sequence. Other than that, it's exactly what Italian audiences saw. The now-out of print German DVD, released by Hande Weg, has different credits than VCI's but also has a better image quality. Some of the differences include different orders of appearance for Eva Bartok's and Cameron Mitchell's credits.

Here's VCI's English opening credits:

Thanks to SiennaLien for uploading this video.

And here's Hande Weg's German opening credits:

Thanks to gialloplus for uploading this video.

Personally, I prefer the English version's credits, but the German version's image quality is definitely superior. You can see a detailed comparison of these two DVDs and the previous English DVD, also from VCI here.

 UPDATE: The Filmation-produced American opening was posted recently, so here it is:

Thanks to lethalforcethemovie for uploading this video.

 While on YouTube I also came across some trailers for the film, in English, German, and French. Here's the original English trailer:

Thanks to ChadBloodyHorror for uploading this video.

Here's the French trailer:

Thanks to jonnyredeyes for uploading this video.

And here's the German trailer:

Thanks to Fleischwaldi for uploading this video.

Hopefully, you guys got a good learning experience in giallo. Happy trails!


  1. Wow, that was the First scary show I had ever seen, as a young boy. Scared the living daylights out of me, knowing what a hammer could also be used for.