December 15, 2009

When it comes to me and Christmas...

*I have an innate urge to go against the usual stream of "it's not about presents" people (as true as the saying is), and say it's capitalism's time to shine, because when one thing becomes the norm, some of us want to counteract it.
    *Holiday specials about Christmas are fondly remembered by kids and us kids-at-heart the best. One of my faves is Arthur's Perfect Christmas.

    *Movie marathons, especially James Bond and Star Trek movie marathons, dominate my holiday viewing schedule.

    *Christmas candy beats Halloween candy by a metric mile with Terry's Chocolate Oranges, Turtles, chocolate seashells, strawberry candy canes, and jumbo-sized Toblerones.

    *The possibilities when it comes to Christmas trees are endless, from pre-lighted to even the old-fashioned real tree.

    *Helping the less fortunate by collecting donations, cans, and gifts helps them have a better Christmas.

    *The extra sleep from days off (might not apply to everybody) is always good.

    *Boxing Day is the perfect supplement to Christmas, giving chicks like me a manic shopping day right after Christmas. It's like an actual holiday devoted to shopping. (A note to Americans, we Canadians don't do Black Friday. It'd be nice if we did in addition to Boxing Day :))

    *Snow always makes your usual townscape look so much more festive!

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    1. the extra sleep is always good and sales on boxing day but i'm gonna spend mine in australia and it doesn't snow but at least i get sun, hope you have a nice Christmas