October 16, 2009

In Memory Of...

 DeForest Kelley

           Image taken from http://moviestars.generic-joe.com/c900/deforestkelley/

 Hard to believe it's been a little over a decade since Star Trek's Dr. McCoy passed on from stomach cancer. Last week I came across mystartrekscrapbook.blogspot.com, which had a post on several Trek-related articles on Kelley. Although he was much-loved as a cast member like Shatner and Nimoy, Kelley wasn't seeking the limelight as many stars usually did and was interviewed much less. The post also contains a bumper sticker with "He's Dead, Jim" on it, a line he laughingly said he hoped didn't end up on his tombstone (it didn't), and also some promotional pics. One pic even gives us a glimpse of his wife Carolyn, who followed her husband in passing in 2004.
 Kelley was loved by everyone else on the show, and never got the complaints and sniping Shatner did. In fact, he, Shat, and Leonard Nimoy became good friends off-screen.
 One of Kelley's early interests was singing, so it would've been funny to see him sing alongside Nichelle Nichols and Spock's quasi-mini-harp (hopefully you guys know what I'm talking about). Hell, he could have gotten some major critical acclaim had he pursued singing as a career (just as long as he didn't sing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins").
 So, as Frederick from My Star Trek Scrapbook said, here's to De (and Carolyn too), Star Trek's true Southern gentleman. I'm not much of a mint julep person (perhaps a cup of hot water if you have the flu), so I'll lift an orange juice in a toast.


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