October 23, 2009

I Hate the Rain!

 As much as I'd like to say "the title pretty much says it all", there's much more to what I feel about it. Naturally, I'm very much a sunny day girl. Born in the summer, my best memories were playing in my backyard that was set against a background of cedar and other trees. Sunshine reminds me of the best time of the year, summer, so instantly I feel all good inside and try to get out of the house and live the day the best I can live it.
 Of course, every day can't be like that for two reasons: 1. Much of our planet would dry out horrendously without rain, and 2. I live in Canada's only actual rainforest, which is wetter than any non-Arctic area in the country.
 For some reason, my friend likes the rain. I thought we would think more alike, since our birthdays are only one day apart.
 Thanks to global warming, where I live is getting wetter, while deserts and previously-wet places are getting drier.
 My advice to you folks... Consider rain as a good drink of water for Mother Earth, because without it, you probably wouldn't appreciate sunny days as much.


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